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Paleo pals

September 2014 I massively shook up my lifestyle. After a conversation with Debbie Huxton, I knew I had to make some changes for the sake of my body and mind. Those changes have been guided by, and ‘learnt’ from, Chris Barnacoat at Satori Health and his ten week ‘Body Transformation Programme’.

Chris bases the nutrition of his ‘BTP’ loosely on Paleo; think cave man living and you’re half way there. High protein, carbs on training days, lots of veggies and limited berries equals my life. This isn’t a ‘diet’ as I have to explain to (nearly) everybody who encounters sharing a meal with me! This is a life style – when the results make you glow, you sleep like a log and you’ve never felt better – why would you ditch it?

I’m now 4 months into this lifestyle and continue to work with Chris three times a week; down over 40lbs and over 8% body fat lost. So it’s working and the Paleo journey continues.

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