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Now there is no need for me to subject anyone to the photographic evidence of my weekly session in front of the mirror. Each week since September, I’ve taken photos, in my black underwear, to catalogue the evolving shape of my body. I have, through pure pride, shared some of these images with Chris  – poor guy!

Anyhow, Friday have became known as #BPF. Twenty weeks in and it quite amazing to see what’s going on. Diptic, the photo montage app is my friend!

Here you can see a picture taken today alongside one from early October.

Today versus October 2014

Now since Christmas I’d felt that I wasn’t achieving – but photos to the rescue and they have proved otherwise. Here’s today versus a photo from mid December – when I truly felt AMAZING in my Christmas sweater! The photos are proof that everything is still heading in the right direction!

Today versus December 2014

Ok so today’s pictures weren’t taken on a Friday – but new jeans spurred me on! 😉

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