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The month of March

Historically the month of March is not my favorite month; for the last 8 years it has been a month of anticipation of today, the 29th of March. The 29th was the day we said ‘Goodbye’ to Sprog’s father for the last time and the whole world spun off its axis. I tend to ‘fill’ the month – ensure I’m busy and the day, without fail, passes uneventfully. It is only the anticipation of the date which tires me emotionally.

Yet this March has been a breath of fresh air. So many things are different – I am physically different to tackle the month 4 stone lighter than this time last year, and mentally prepared to actually seek changes too.  As a very wise lady told me on Monday – ‘Take this month as a month of celebration. Look where you are; see what you’ve achieved.’ And so this is what I have tried to do this last week – celebrate every little ‘win’, whilst allowing myself to take time to reflect and then also just relax into each day.

I’ve spent time with the most wonderful friends in Birmingham this weekend – my first child free one in a long time. I have laughed more than I have done in a long long while – drunk and eaten far more than I have in a long long while too, but we don’t need to tell the trainer that part!

So while I’m taking the time right now to acknowledge the day and all it signifies – I’m sat here typing feeling so truly blessed.

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