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The numbers game

I follow a wonderful Facebook page ‘One Fit Widow’ and this morning I read this fabulous article about the subject of ‘weight’ and then Mr Smith wrote this about being ‘A Right Fat Git’which to clarify – he really isn’t!

And it’s got me a thinking to appearances..

As I’ve written before – last year I committed to my body, my health and getting fitter. My body has enough to tackle each day –  previously, pre meds, fighting the trespasser in my blood and now, dealing with the daily medication that keeps them in check, that it really doesn’t need to be burdened with self-induced excesses or issues I could have prevented by looking after myself a little wiser.

So I work hard and I now train hard. I’m also a solo parent and so I used to have every excuse under the sun as to why I didn’t have time to ‘do exercise’. I knew when I did exercise, I felt better for it – yet I chose to never make the time.

So since September – when I decided to make the time, I’ve seen massive changes to my body, and my mind for that matter. It’s interesting though how people get fixated on the numbers; what you weigh, what you weighed, how much you’ve lost, how much more you want to lose etc. As I’ve written before,  I use Black Pants Friday to track my progress and to document to myself how far I’ve come. Each week it’s my opportunity to pat myself on the back and celebrate what I’m achieving. I don’t take much notice of the scales and prefer to use callipers and clothes, and particularly new  smaller clothes(!) as guides as to how I’m shaping up.

These last two weeks, I’ve been training with a new guy as Chris is away getting married! It’s been really refreshing to switch things up a little and train with someone new. He had all my programmes handed over from Chris – and I loved his shocked faces with  ‘it says here you can do this with xkg/lift xkg?!” Each time he congratulated my technique, and seemed to be genuinely impressed with what I could lift/reps I could do etc, I felt like I could burst with pride and realised just how far I’ve come. He switched up the tempo on a few things, tried out some new techniques and even did a killer bootcamp style session. I’m still feeling the effects of ‘that’ session – over 3 days ago now! Thanks Will for the DOMS from hell!

What I want to say – is that we just don’t take the time to say ‘Hey you did awesome’ to ourselves! I do it everyday with my daughter, I try to do it everyday with people I work with and I naturally always do it with my clients – it’s my job to help them realise and celebrate their wins and successes!

So this afternoon I’m taking the opportunity to say ‘you’re awesome’ and that’s nothing to do with the scales, the measurements or the kg I can lift. I’ve never felt fitter, never been leaner, never felt healthier – and that’s nothing to do with the scales.  A fair few times I’ve been asked ‘how much more will you lose?’ and ‘when will you end the diet?’ . But if all you’re ever interested in, is the numbers game, we’ll never be happy. As Keith says here you only need to look at 5lbs of fat compared to 5lb of solid muscle to see why one will appear very different to the other! But that’s as deep as it gets – skin deep! And so back full circle to it; appearance.

All I’m interested in right now is my progress – feeling better and enjoying witnessing the changes that I am creating. And yet, all that being said – if someone wants to acknowledge my progress – and thus by default my appearance – go ahead! I’ve worked bloody hard to get to this point. Feel free to shower me with compliments – whether that’s for something witty or clever I’ve remarked or for the fact that I’m glowing or my dress/skin/hair looks bloody good. Working hard to make a change deserves a big fat pat on the back and even a little ‘You’re doing awesome’ goes a long long way. Make someone’s day.

You’re doing awesome!






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