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A conversation 

Today I had a conversation with a member of the NHS. Part of it went like this…
NHS employee: So didn’t you know your husband was gay when he died?

Me: He wasn’t my husband, he was my partner and the father of my child. He wasn’t gay.

NHS employee: Well how did he get it (HIV) then? Did he have a blood transfusion?

Me: I’ll never know but he had had unprotected sex. We had unprotected sex and I became HIV positive.

NHS employee: Yes but who gave it to him then?

Me: I assume, but will never know, someone who had sex with him.

NHS employee: So how long til you get full blown AIDS? Sorry if it’s a stupid question but I’m quite ignorant about all this stuff. 

Me: Inside my head – no shit Sherlock. I’m sat chomping my tongue off by this point! 

Now I was able to calmly (ish) respond to these questions and signpost this individual to information to learn. I also intend to write to the department formally and make some recommendations! 

Fuming. We have such a long way to go. 

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