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Older. Wiser?

So today I turn 34. I’ve survived a whole decade of parenthood. A decade living with HIV. A decade thriving. I genuinely feel older; not in a negative sense whatsoever. I feel wiser. Sat now on the train to London, I thought I’d reflect on… Read More

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The numbers game

I follow a wonderful Facebook page ‘One Fit Widow’ and this morning I read this fabulous article about the subject of ‘weight’ and then Mr Smith wrote this about being ‘A Right Fat Git’ – which to clarify – he really isn’t! And it’s got me a… Read More

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Now there is no need for me to subject anyone to the photographic evidence of my weekly session in front of the mirror. Each week since September, I’ve taken photos, in my black underwear, to catalogue the evolving shape of my body. I have, through… Read More

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Paleo pals

September 2014 I massively shook up my lifestyle. After a conversation with Debbie Huxton, I knew I had to make some changes for the sake of my body and mind. Those changes have been guided by, and ‘learnt’ from, Chris Barnacoat at Satori Health and his ten… Read More