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When life gives you lemons..

When life gives you lemons, go win awards!

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So very very proud of my place on Natwest’s WISE100 list recognising women in social enterprise.  Incredibly humbling to be listed alongside people achieving truly remarkable things in social enterprise and investment. The list is a new initiative in partnership between the Natwest SE100 Index and… Read More

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Double DD’s, Potatoes and Prozac

The title isn’t quite accurate – I don’t really have any of those three things in my life – the double DD are no more since losing weight, potatoes are no more and swapped out for sweet potatoes and I weaned myself off the antideps a couple of years ago.. but never one to let the truth get in the way of a (blog) story et al…

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Think2Speak & The Guardian

So I was interviewed  by The Guardian recently…   ‘I launched a social enterprise after becoming a mother, widow and HIV positive Watching her daughter grow up without a father inspired Lizzie Jordan to start a business helping children and schools deal with difficult conversations.’… Read More

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Family and friends

There are times being a single parent, a one person team, seriously sucks. This week has been one of them. I really do appreciate that here are also times when being the solo crew of the parenthood ship puts me in a very lucky privileged place.… Read More